Hi, I’m Meagan!  Welcome to my website.  I’m so happy you’re here.

If you don’t know me, let me offer you a little bit of information about myself: I’m currently living in San Diego, California.  Before I moved here, I was up in LA working at an educational nonprofit, doing a bit of everything, including writing, creating content for social media, and helping with marketing and development.

I moved to LA from Thailand, and I moved to Thailand from Colombia.  In both places I wrote and taught English (mostly online to kids in China) while traveling.  Ah, remote work!  What an adventure.

I moved to Colombia from…San Diego!  I spent two years here before working with youth and young adults at a refugee resettle agency.  It’s a nice place, so I came back.

Before I was in San Diego (the first time), I was in Spain, teaching English and science at an elementary school.  Before that, I studied International Relations and Peace and Justice Studies at Tufts University in Boston.  I spent the first 18 years of my life growing up in the Chicago suburbs.  I still root for Chicago sports teams and will defend deep dish pizza against its critics, even though I’m gluten and lactose intolerant.  Not defend it as a healthy choice, but as a robust and indulgent choice.  Or defend its right to be called pizza.  I have a great sense of loyalty.

Since I don’t eat pizza and Chicago sports teams aren’t doing so hot, I spend most of my free time outside in nature or inside reading books or making my living space look pretty and feel good.  I like being active; I hike, go on runs, and get to yoga weekly.  I meditate and I practice gratitude.  I cook a lot.  Mostly because I enjoy it, but also because I have a lot of food sensitivities.

That’s pretty much it.  My favorite color is blue.  I love the ocean.  I’m a dog person.  I have been told that I have beautiful, competitive hands (if you need a hand model, here I am).  I went to circus camp for a couple summers in my early teens; that’s why I know how to juggle.  I can use semicolons.

To learn more, look around!  Please reach out with any questions or comments.

All the best,